Kenya Day 10

It is time to start saying our good byes.  Unbelievable how quickly our time has gone, how much we have done and all that we have seen.  We packed a lot of stuff into a short time.  It is amazing that something didn’t blow.  But God has been faithful to us.  He has provided and protected and we are so grateful.   We have experienced His very real presence and want to continue in Him as we leave.

We finally had a leisurely morning.  We rested a little, made a nice breakfast, and got caught up on some work. Then we left just after noon to go into Kiminini and visit Pastor Barasa, his family and some of the community.  We visited a little but Pastor and his wife Florence where a little uncomfortable because they did not provide us with a meal.   Even though we had arranged with them that we did not have the time or need for them to cook us food they still did not know what to do with themselves without providing it.  However, they presented gifts to each of us which we did not expect.  The hospitality continues.

We visited a while and we were able to share some closing thoughts together.  They like speeches.  Each family member of the Barasa’s had prepared closing thoughts for us.  They took turns standing, giving a speech and then handing over the conversation to the next one.  It was actually much more formal than we expected.  So we attempted to reciprocate our thoughts by giving them thanks, blessings and encouragements.

After that, an impromptu yet one of the finest moments of the whole trip happened.  Pastor’s son Emmanuel was telling us that he likes to be called by his new name that he picked out.  He wanted to be really cool and have an unusual name.  He wanted an American type name that was not common here in Kenya so he decided to be called…what for it…almost there… ok his new name is ”Bob.”  Awesome!!!

So we were saying goodbye to “Bob” and I said, “I really like that and I would like a Kenyan name.  Can you help me with a new Kenyan name?”

That started a process of the whole family working to think of character traits or roles that they saw in us these last two weeks and giving us the Swahili word that carried that meaning.  They went around to each team member, discuss a trait to honor them, gave us the name, and then told us the meaning.  It was a real honor for us that they would spend that time considering our roles and looking into our character.

So my new Kenyan name is “Wakasa” which means “harvesting.”  They said that I was there to harvest the work of the Lord.  Everyone else received a name too but I will let them share their new Kenyan name.

We finally said goodbye, loaded up the van and made our way out.  Since we were also here for meeting the children we took the opportunity to stop at the public school on the way back to allow Cameron and Jessica to say goodbye to the child that they are sponsoring.  That worked pretty well since we could not possibly go around to the other kids.  At least we said goodbye through them as our representatives.  They were allowed to have Desee come to the head teacher’s office and they hugged, encouraged her to work hard, told her they loved her and where praying for her.

After some tears it was time to leave.

The rest of the evening was spent going to grocery store, dealing with some last business, cooking dinner and doing some cleaning of our quarters.  We also took the opportunity to huddle up as a group and spend some time in the scriptures, praying and then sharing our take-aways from this experience.  I think we are all leaving a little different than when we came.  Everyone shared very insightful thoughts of how they experienced God who was revealing things to them personally.  It was a powerful time.

For me, my biggest take-away (Kairos we call it) was that God has given me opportunities to lead in my   home, my community, my church and now in an expanding international ministry.  To do that well it is important to step into a position of authority and lead well with confidence and faith.  Some lead through a position or title that they have been given.  Some lead through arrogance of selfish pride.  Others lead through anger, frustration and emotion.  But none of these are godly.  This is what happens when we try to live our lives with selfish ambition and on our own strength.  I hope to lead because God has called me and given me certain opportunities and talents to serve Him.

God has given all of us talents and opportunities to serve Him and His Kingdom.  Then He calls us to step into the gifts that are entrusted to us and work to maximize those opportunities and bring increase.  Jesus taught us the parable of the talents and that one day the master will return to inspect our work.  It is vital that we are found busy and diligent and that we have not hid our talents in the ground.

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