Fresh Hope

What We Believe  

When hopeless people have a safe place to process their pain, and faith-filled hope is modeled and shared, they become hope-filled and thrive in spite of their mental health challenge. 

Our Mission 

A Mental illness seems to rob you of your future hopes and dreams, hopelessness begins to take over. The doctor and therapist and medicine are not enough, in learning how to live life in spite of having a mental health challenge. Those with lived experience (peers) can model and empower one another. As peers, we believe there is hope, and it is possible to live well because we have been there. We guide and support those with a mental illness, along with their loved ones to find hope based on research.  They and their loved ones might have hopes and dreams again so they lived a faith-filled full and vibrant life. 

Our group is open to anyone. You do not need to have a diagnosed mental illness. You might just be going thru a tough time, all are welcome. Fresh Hope is designed for those who are suffering, and their loved ones. We cover subjects that will benefit everyone.  The group format is teaching and discussion. This group is a confidential safe place, led by a pastor and person who has suffered with mental illness for most of their life.  

Group meets  on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm.                                                                                                                                  


Fellowship Church

2102 E Everett
Spokane WA 99207