Child Empowerment Outreach

Kiminini, Kenya

Up until early February of 2012, 40+ children were all living on the dirt floor of SHIM Church in Kiminini Kenya (along West central boarder of Kenya) and had practically nothing for food, clothes, school or much else.  That is until one divine moment that Michael Bushebi of Heart For the Land Children’s Outreach visit the church and learning about this great need.  The needs seemed insurmountable at the time but God began to direct Michael way and provide for the needs of these children.  Soon, the support ministry now know as CEO:Mission  was formed to help these children find support and Care, thrive in life, and learn about the Great Love of Jesus.  

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Some History of CEO:Mission

Michael Bushibe, a family member to Fellowship Church and a native of Kenya, alerted the church to this need just prior to his visit to the center in December of 2011.  Upon his return, he was able to share pictures and stories of the difficult living conditions of the orphanage.  Fellowship Church, in partnership with the musical team Gloryband, began working to raise support for this need through donations, fundraisers and benefit concerts.

To help address needs in the coming months and years, we are partnering with a ministry to East Africans called “Heart For the Land.”  This ministry is “reaching out to the people of East Africa and empowering individuals to develop a successful, sustainable future.”  We are blessed to be working together to provide hope and life to these children.

Many needs remain and we are working diligently to provide continued support for food and clothing and school supplies.  In addition, Fellowship Church is helping to build a new Church building in Kiminini for the SHIM ministries as well as partner with other churches and ministries to provide further assistance.  Perhaps you would prayerfully consider joining with us by providing financial aid.


Edina, our ministry Director, was able to deliver some extra school supplies, pay fees, and visit the kids for the beginning of the 2019 School Year.  Click the link below and see some of the photos.




If you have any questions or interest in helping please email or call us at 509-483-1130

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Ministry Updates

Edina Natasha Nagawa
Edina Nagawa & Child

There have been changes over the last few years in the way that the children are being cared for through the ministries of Heart For the Land.  Since many children where temporarily displaced from their homes due to war and other tragedy, Heart For the Land has successfully worked to reunite some of the children with family.  Others have been placed with host families.

Currently, there is not enough funding to house the children as a part of the ministry so we are operating more like a foster care program for the time being and checking on the children weekly to provide things like clothing, food and school supplies.  One blessing is that we have hired a Director/Social Worker Edina Nagawa  to support the efforts of coordinating the ministry.  This person is able to regularly visit each child.  With God’s blessings, the dream would be to one day purchase property and build a center that is available to house the children of the Heart For the Land Ministry.

Meanwhile, work continues on the repairs and updates of the SHIM church where the ministry began.  Since the building was condemned, volunteers are working to build new walls around the existing building and add a new roof.  When completed, the old walls and roof with be taken down.

SHIM Name Change

Over the last few years, this outreach ministry has grown.  Of course the need has always been to reach as many children as possible, but through the efforts of Fellowship Church and new sponsors making monthly donations, the amount of money coming to support this ministry and the number kids being helped has steadily increased.  As such, the ministry has outgrown Pastor Rodgers and SHIM Ministry’s ability to oversee and coordinate the effort and activities of helping the children.  Instead, Heart For the Land has hired our full time Director/Social Worker Edina Nagawa.  Edina has taken over and Heart For the Land has help to register the organization “Child Empowerment Outreach” with the Kenyan government and all the funding, work with the children, and organization are being handled under this name.

Fellowship Church and Heart For the Land will continue to provide support and relationship to SHIM Ministries as they continue to develop the church, serve their community and share the Gospel in other ways.  We are continually praying for Pastor Rogers, his family and the church and are thankful for the work that they are doing in Kiminini.