Welcome to the instruction page for our Virtual Project Choir project. The following will provide you with the resources and instructions you need to participate in this project. We hope to have the project completed and ready for our Sunday Service in just a few weeks so it is imperative that you get to work on this right away. Please submit your final recording by May 29th. Read through the instructions below and email or call Pastor Cary @509-251-4101 if you have any questions.

The project is easier than you think. Just follow these three steps…

1 – Learn the song
2 – Record your singing
3 – Upload to the Church

What You Need

  • If you are unfamiliar with Virtual Choirs you might watch another project for ideas…Click Here “The UK Blessing”
  • For this Virtual Choir Project we have chosen the song “Way Maker” written by Nigerian gospel singer Sinach.
  • We will preform the song in the style of Michael W. Smith which you can practice by listening to the video HERE.
  • You can find the music in several versions;
  • Here is our version of the song. Use these backing tracks for practice and your final recording. For Audio File to sing to Click Here, Video version with words Click Here. The final project will feature various contributors instead of a single artist so we are looking for strong melody parts as well as harmony.
  • You will need a video recording device like a Digital Video Cam, Computer with webcam or handheld device like a smart phone or tablet. You will probably need two devices; 1 for your singing track and 1 for your recording
  • Headphones are a must (to eliminate background noise)
  • Upload video file to Google drive Here (you will be required to sign into Google or through Facebook Messenger. Contact me by email or call Cary at 509-251-4101 if you have any problems of prefer a different option to send the video


  • Video recording can be done in 720 or 1080
  • Frame your video to show your partial upper body and face
  • Think of creating an interesting background
  • Record in a quiet place and steady your camera before recording
  • You can play an instrument as you sing but pay close attention to the instrument volume. It may effect how the video is used in the final product.
  • We need people who can sing harmony as well as melody. We will use most harmony parts on the chorus and bridge.
  • We are looking for soloist on the verses. Make your best recording and the final cuts will be determined by our producer.
  • You can sing right into a cellphone or tablet. If you have equipment available, try to get the best audio quality possible.