Greeting and our heartfelt prayers are with you during these unprecedented times across our world.  We are receiving daily updates and changes to this evolving crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, God still sits on the throne!!!  This event neither surprised Him nor diminished His rule and reign.

These have seemed like long months as we wait to return to public spaces.  At Fellowship Church, we now have a reOpening Plan in accordance with the Governor’s new order that allows us to congregate.  We have reopened and are currently meeting at our normal time of 10:30AM.  We will continue to take additional steps of cleaning, providing hygiene items like masks and hand-sanitizer, and arrange our sanctuary to accommodate social distancing.  Additionally, because we are unable to provide children or youth ministries, and many folks are uncomfortable with social gatherings, we will continue to provide the highest quality online experience that we can.

There are things that you can do to help us as well.

  • self-examine your health condition and stay home if you are sick,
  • frequently wash your hands,
  • avoid direct contact through hugs and handshaking
  • wearing a mask is now mandated by State law.
  • Building will open 20 minutes before service begins.


As we move forward, we also need your help in a couple of areas.  First, we need cleaning volunteers who can come in a half an hour early to prepare the building for guests.  The jobs are simple and we only need two or three people at a time.

We are still here and we are still a spiritual family ready to worship, encourage and reach our world together.  We will continue our In-Person and LIVE broadcast on Sunday mornings at 10:30am for you to join as you feel comfortable.  I want to encourage you to protect this time to be with your church family.  Whether we are together in the building or in our homes, the Spirit of God connects us in His Kingdom.  And as always, if there is any way that we can serve you or your family, please contact us in the Church office.  May God bless.

-Pastor Cary

We are all in this together!!!


Life is all about Relationship.

The greatest things in life are not things, or entertainment or accomplishments.  Unfortunately we often peruse these things relentlessly as though there are.

Here at Fellowship Church, we are learning about a fulfilling life through growing deeper and stronger in our most important relationships; relationship with Jesus and the people around us.  Together we are trying to discover the wonder of God, his great Love for us and His working in and through our lives.

We offer a casual atmosphere with fellowship, contemporary music and helpful insights from God's Word designed to encourage and challenge you in faith.

Join us every Sunday at 10:30am!

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