Annual Mtg 2020

Welcome to the Annual Vision Meeting for 2020. Do to Covid restrictions we are running church gatherings and services on a limited basis. However, we still want to provide you with information and updates about the state of the church and our plans for moving into 2021. We have provided that information for you here.

Below you will find 2021 Nominees for the Leadership Council along with the 2021 Budget proposal.

First, here is a HUGE THANK YOU for this year’s Council members. They have given more time and met more unique challenges than any other council during my tenure here in the church. Please extend your personal “Thanks” to this team when you have a chance.

(from left to right) Barb, Mike, Sara, Tom, Amanda, Diane

Each year, three members come off of the Council and we ratify three new members. The members staying on are Mike Vogt as Council chair, Amanda Hersey as Spiritual Life, and Diane Hardesty as Treasurer.

Here are the New Council members nominees for the next Term.

All ballots are anonymous. Below you will find the Leadership Council nominees for the new two year term beginning January 2021. Select “YES” or “NO” for each candidate listed and then submit your vote . That is is.

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Budget Proposal

Below you will find a copy of the proposed budget for 2021. This year, due to Covid crisis, we decided that predicting a financial budget for next year would be very difficult. So our plan at the moment is to offer last year’s budget as a base proposal and we have simply re-titled it for the year 2021.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel welcome to direct them to the Council Treasurer or church office. The church council will finalize and adopt the budget in the first council meeting of next year.